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Bold Choices. Bolder Transformations.

Meet Teddy Tarantino — a trailblazer in the recovery community, a beacon of hope in the world of rehabilitation, and a game-changer in the adult entertainment industry.

From Darkness to Spotlight.

Teddy’s journey isn’t one you’d expect. From battling personal demons of substance abuse in his youth to establishing a groundbreaking rehab center in Florida offering treatment for substance use disorder, he’s been the voice for many. In his “Hell Has An Exit Podcast,” Teddy shares powerful stories of overcoming addiction while reaching out to those seeking guidance and hope. Today, alongside his impactful podcast, he’s diving deep into adult film, bringing a fresh perspective to adult entertainment.

The Hell Has An Exit

Teddy Uncensored. Go Ahead, Press Play.

Hell Has An Exit Podcast

This ain’t your typical podcast. Teddy Tarantino knows that struggle. From his battles with substance abuse as a teen, Teddy rose to reshape the recovery scene in Florida. And now, he’s here with “Hell Has An Exit” to share the map.

Tune in for riveting stories of recovery, raw conversations about the healing power of redemption, and everything in between. It’s real, it’s bold, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

Why Listen

  • Real Talk

    No sugar-coating. Just candid conversations about addiction, recovery, and bouncing back stronger than ever.
  • Fresh Perspectives

    Hear from real people who’ve walked the walk. Get insights you won’t find in a rehab brochure.
  • Epic Guests

    From industry experts to those who’ve turned their lives around, our speaker line-up is lit!
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