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Event Appearances

Teddy is committed to your success. Experience the transformative power of his words by booking him for a speaking engagement. From NA to AA and beyond, Teddy’s words have profoundly touched many lives. Secure a session with him today – it could be a life-changing decision.

Film & Entertainment Collaborations

Don’t be shy. Venture with Teddy into the world of adult film. Collaborate for fresh narratives, captivating performances, and more. Spice it up and offer compelling new, fun ideas that excite you.

Podcast Guesting

Invite Teddy to your podcast for riveting conversations on resilience, passion, and the intersections of adversity and triumph. 

Take advantage of an opportunity to engage your listeners with powerful insights from a man who’s genuinely walked diverse paths and emerged stronger. Book Teddy for a session that will leave your audience inspired and waiting for more.

Booking Inquiries

To secure Teddy for your next event, film, or podcast, reach out to our booking team.

Email: [email protected]

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